June 6, 2001

XINIT Systems release next-generation 1U servers

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxPR: XINIT Systems announce availability of
next-generation 1U rackmount GNU/Linux servers. As a leading provider of
Linux systems in the UK, the new servers represent a natural progression of
products for the company. The WebLoad 1125 is a 1U rackmount
dual-processor capable server. The 1125 has support for up to 4GB of ECC
synchronous DRAM, a must for todays highly demanding Internet serving
applications and environments, as well as built-in RAID capability. The
distinctive feature of the 1125's embedded RAID controller is that it is
ATA-based rather than the more common SCSI-based RAID controllers. This
feature reduces the overall cost of the system, compared to a SCSI RAID
solution, while still providing similar levels of performance and reliability - such
as hot-swap functionality of system drives. The 1125 supports RAID-0 for
maximum I/O performance or RAID-1 for maximum data reliability.
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