July 5, 2001

XINIT Systems unveils high density blade-based Linux server

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxPR: XINIT Systems, the UKs' only
exclusively-Linux server vendor and a leading provider of Linux and Open
Source solutions today unveiled the WL 3100 server. The 3100 series breaks the
server density limitation set by highly popular 1U solutions - with up to 10
independent server blades in a 3U-high chassis. Each server blade, a complete
computing system in its own right, can be configured with either an Intel Pentium
III or Intel Celeron processor, up to 3GB of DDR SDRAM and 20GB of system
storage. Embedded in each blade are two 10/100 Intel EtherExpress network
interfaces which can be configured as independent interfaces or set up for
adapter teaming - effectively doubling network bandwidth.
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