June 19, 2001

XMMS 1.2.5 announced

Author: JT Smith

-- CULVER CITY, CA, June 19, 2001 -- 4Front Technologies and the X MultiMedia
System development team are happy to announce the release of XMMS ver. 1.2.5.
XMMS v1.2.5 provides the following new features:

        * New translations (gl, pt, id, sr)
        * Translations work in libxmms.
        * Handles broken translations better.


        * Joystick plugin suppports more than 4 buttons.
        * Vorbis plugin handles streams.
        * Vorbis plugin generate data in native endianness.
        * File info dialog for Vorbis plugin.
        * Alot of bugfixes to the Vorbis plugin.
        * Tonegen input plugin supports more frequencys at the same time.
        * Solaris output plugin added.
        * Additional fixes to the Solaris plugin 
        * IR plugin can now configure IR code length.
        * OSS Output can now configure the mixer device manually.
        * Handle no effect plugins without crash.
        * Esd plugin makes use of ESPEAKER variable.
        * ID3v1.1 support, ID3v1.0 still saves the entire comment.


        * CDAudio ported to OpenBSD.
        * Fixed glitches in FreeBSD audio playback.
        * Compilation fixes for Tru64 Unix, FreeBSD, OpenBSD.


        * Physically delete file from playlist.
        * Right-click menu in the playlist.
        * Playlist counter wraps at ~136 years instead of ~600 hours.
        * Pressing middle mouse button in the playlist will try to add the 
          content of the clipboard. Double click will clear the playlist.


        * MiniIcon now shows up in KDE2 taskbar.
        * Gnomexmms shows the title in the tooltip.
        * DGA support has been dropped.
        * Fullscreen code should be more sane now.
        * Man pages. (xmms, gnomexmms, wmxmms)


        * Set realtime mode and drop root privilieges before initalizing GTK.
        * Better shuffleplay support.
        * Possible to show WM decorations.
        * Fixed segfaults in the controlsocket.
        * Generic titles instead of Input plugin specific. 
        * %F - File path, for titlestrings.
        * Smaller fixes, memory leaks and stability issues.

The X Multimedia System (XMMS) is developed by 4Front Technologies under the
GNU Public License (GPL) and has a large world-wide developer base that
contributes plugins and enahancements. XMMS is a cross platform multimedia
player that support MP3, Ogg, Wave, CD, MOD, MIDI, and digital audio and Mpeg1,
AVI, Mpeg2 video formats. The XMMS plugin API is published under a BSD license
that permits proprietary binary-only plugins or plugins that are GPL/LGPL/Open
Source compliant.

XMMS is distributed with all the major Linux and FreeBSD distributions. It has
become the de-facto media player and has won world-wide acclaim as being one of
the best media players for UNIX and Linux. XMMS has won numerous awards from
Slashdot, Linux Magazine, Linux Journal and others. More information on XMMS
is available at http://www.xmms.org.

4Front is a privately held company with development facilities in California,
Finland and Sweden. 4Front's main focus is on developing audio solutions for
the UNIX, Linux and embedded Systems marketplace. 4Front is the developer of
Open Sound System. Open Sound System has become the "de-facto" audio API
and is distributed with Linux and FreeBSD kernel sources and licensed by
companies like SCO, Wind River Systems, Hewlett Packard and endorsed by SUN Microsystems.

Open Sound System provides a cross-platform audio API with device drivers for
over 250 brand name sound cards from vendors like Creative Labs, Yamaha, Cirrus
Logic, MIDIMan, ESS Technologies, CMedia and others. More information on Open
Sound System and 4Front Technologies is available at http://www.opensound.com.


Copyright (C) 2001, 4Front Technologies. All rights reserved.

Open Sound System is a trade mark of 4Front Technologies

XMMS and X MultiMedia System is a trade mark of 4Front Technologies

Linux is a registered trade mark of Linus Torvalds

UNIX is a registered trade mark of X/Open Company Ltd.

All other trade marks that appear in this document are

acknowledged and owned by their respective owners.

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