February 22, 2006

xnsdoc 1.1 - XML Schema documentation generator

buldocs writes "The buldocs XML team is glad to announce release 1.1 of xnsdoc, a professional tool to generate documentation of W3C XML Schema in a JavaDoc like visualisation.

xnsdoc supports all common schema design practices like chameleon,
russian doll, salami slice, venetian blind schemas or circular schema

The current release comes with enhanced eclipse integration, and many
improvements in the generated documentation:
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/release-notes-1.1.ht ml

We created many examples to test and demonstrate the capabilities of xnsdoc:
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/samples/docs/xmlsche ma/XMLSchema.xsd/
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/samples/docs/xhtml/x html1-strict.xsd/
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/samples/docs/uddi/ud di_v2.xsd/

You can download or read more about xnsdoc here:

For Open Source projects and educational purpose we offer free licenses.
You can apply for a free license here:
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/apply-opensource.htm l
http://www.buldocs.com/xnsdoc/apply-educational.ht ml

buldocs Ltd.

Link: buldocs.com

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