October 6, 2005

Xoetrope launches XUI 2.0 OS rich-client framework

Anonymous Reader writes "Xoetrope launches XUI 2.0, open source rich-client frameworks

Xoetrope launches XUI 2.0, open source rich-client framework

XUI 2.0, the latest open source release of the Java and
XML rich-client framework brings even greater flexibility and ease of use to
the task of building desktop applications. Helping to return value to the desktop,
as Jonathan Schwartz terms it, XUI 2.0 now ships with KalIIDEoscope, a brand
new NetBeans plug-in that allows visual construction of rich-client applications.
In tandem with these releases we have completely revamped the XUI website which
now features new documentation, tutorials, hints, tips and developer support

XUI can now be used to build almost everything you need
in a rich-client application from the simplest to the most complex of applications
and from personal to enterprise level applications. You can build connected
or standalone applications to make the best use of available communications
while providing productive features for your application's users.

With the introduction of a Synth and SVG based Look and
Feel adding to XUI's existing stylesheets and the ability to add third party
components you can build highly sophisticated and visually attractive applications.
XUI even features a new layout manager, the GuideLayout to make form design
even more intuitive.

Within the KalIDEoscope editor the power of NetBeans is
harnessed to deliver full-featured rapid application development and some of
the best editing and debugging support possible. Better again, XUI is an open
source framework built in a modular fashion so you can use just those parts
that suit your needs and making integration and extension a breeze.

Find out more at http://www.xoetrope.com/xui

XUI 2.0 can be downloaded from SourceForge at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/xui
Release notes for XUI 2.0 can be found at https://sourceforge.net/project/shownotes.php?rele ase_id=360843


Link: xoetrope.com

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