May 1, 2005

XUI 1.0.4 released

The final release of XUI 1.0.4 is now available.

XUI is an open source Java and XML framework for building rich
client, desktop and mobile applications. The framework can save you up
to 60% of the code typically needed to build an application. The result
is real savings in development time, maintenance costs and provides
greater stability and flexibility.

XUI 1.0.4 brings many new features and enhancements, notably:

  • Integrated database access
  • New and enhanced widgets
  • Dynamic attribute evaluation
  • Extended event handling
  • XML based component registration
  • Background image loading
  • Updated component factories
  • Modified layout manager support
  • More advanced validation mechanisms
  • Linux support

In addition to the enhancements this release includes numerous fixes and performance enhancements.

Further documentation can be found at:

The XuiAll package contains a simple editor for XUI, however this is
being replaced by a NetBeans based IDE. The latest version of this IDE
can also be found on the SourceForge site.
The NetBeans editor provides all the facilities of the previous editor
and leverages the support provided by NetBeans 3.6 to give a more
powerful development environment.

Xoetrope also offers documentation for its Carousel framework
which extends XUI and the NetBeans XuiEditor. This documentation
provides extensive coverage of the XUI framework and provides detailed
information on related development issues such as packaging and
deployment. A draft of this documenation can be found at sourceforge

XUI 1.0.4 is released under a modified form of the Mozilla
Public License. Previous versions had been released under the Artistic
License and following expressions of concern by several people we have
moved to the new license. The license can be found at:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who participated in the test program and provided valuable feedback.


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