Yandex Open Sources CatBoost, A Gradient Boosting Machine Learning Library


Artificial intelligence is now powering a growing number of computing functions, and today the developer community today is getting another AI boost, courtesy of Yandex. Today, the Russian search giant — which, like its US counterpart Google, has extended into a myriad of other business lines, from mobile to maps and more — announced the launch of CatBoost, an open source machine learning library based on gradient boosting — the branch of ML that is specifically designed to help “teach” systems when you have a very sparse amount of data, and especially when the data may not all be sensorial (such as audio, text or imagery), but includes transactional or historical data, too.

CatBoost is making its debut in two ways today. (I think ‘Cat’, by the way, is a shortening of ‘category’, not your feline friend, although Yandex is enjoying the play on words. If you visit the CatBoost site you will see what I mean.)

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