January 1, 2002

Year 2001 in review: Mozilla and Netscape browsers

Author: JT Smith

MozillaQuest Magazine's (MozillaQuest.com) Mike Angelo reviews Mozilla and Netscape 2001 news and progress: "The year 2001 news for Mozilla and Netscape has been an interesting and often controversial mix of good news and bad news. Overall, the Mozilla and Netscape 6 browsers are better now than they were a year ago. As Father Time rolled into 2001, the Mozilla Organization was on its way to releasing Mozilla 1.0 in April 2001. The Mozilla folks were touting pre-Mozilla-1.0 development builds as pretty much features-complete and stable. However, the Mozilla developers added new features and enhancements. They lost focus and that dramatically increased the rate at which new bugs were appearing. The Mozilla browser-suite is a darn nice, albeit unfinished and in-the-rough, product. Its developers need to regain focus and finish the darn thing. When the Mozilla developers do that, then Netscape 6 will be a darn nice browser-suite too."
Check this MozillaQuest.com story for details
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