December 19, 2003

Year in review: Linux under attack

The SCO Group launched a lawsuit against IBM in 2003 that ballooned into a frontal assault on Linux and its legal foundations.

Rumblings about the suit began in January, when struggling and unprofitable SCO started describing its SCOsource plan to derive money from its Unix
intellectual property and the announcement that it hired high-profile attorney David Boies. But it wasn't until March that the company stunned the
industry with a lawsuit against the Linux proponent with the loudest voice and the deepest pockets: IBM.

The suit began with the accusation that IBM violated its contract with SCO and misappropriated trade secrets by moving Unix software to the Linux
operating system. In an amendment, SCO increased the damages it sought from $1 billion to more than $3 billion. By October, the case had expanded into
an all-out assault on the General Public License, which governs Linux.



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