January 1, 2001

The \year=2001 TeX calendar available internationally

Author: JT Smith

Newsforge reader Martin Schröder writes: "The TeX merchandising project proudly presents the \year=2001 TeX calendar."


  • format ISO A4
  • 13 pages (12 month plus title)
  • each month and the title with a picture by Duane Bibby, of which two (the title and the picture for February) are new. The others are taken from the books by Donald Knuth, Leslie Lamport, Wynter Snow and from TUG conferences.
  • protective cover and backcover
  • spiral calendar binding
  • price: 10 EUR
  • CIP-Data:

    the \year=2001 TEX calendar
    Jena: IKS Garamond, 2000
    ISBN 3-934601-10-3

  • All profits from the calendar go into the TeX Merchandising Fund

The \year=2001 TeX calendar is available from:
J.F. LehmannsIKS GaramondAmazon Germany (non-germans please order through Amazon)
A bookshop of your choice

More info here

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