November 11, 2003

Yellow Dog Linux for the G5

Dan Burcaw, CTO writes "Terra Soft Asserts Commitment to the Apple G5 Platform

Loveland, Colorado -- 11 November 2003 -- Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., leading
developer of integrated PowerPC Linux solutions, today announced preliminary
support for Apple's Power Mac G5.

The Power Mac G5, fueled by the IBM PowerPC 970, provides an all-new 64-bit
architecture featuring an industry leading 1GHz front-side bus with dual 2GHz
microprocessors and up to 8GB DDR SDRAM. The G5 delivers a break-through
price/performance ratio that shatters previous notions of traditional
large-scale cluster installations.

"Terra Soft firmly believes the IBM PowerPC 970 technology, core to the Apple
Power Mac G5, is a leap-forward platform. The solution we are providing today
is just the first step of our commitment to a robust and powerful Linux
solution that takes full advantage of the amazing hardware now available from
Apple," states Dan Burcaw, Chief Technology Officer of Terra Soft.

For information on the current progress and future roadmap of Yellow Dog for
Power Mac G5, visit: l

At SuperComputing 2003 expo, Phoenix Arizona, November 17-20, Terra Soft will
showcase two G5s and an Xserve cluster as a guest of Engineered Intelligence:

Terra Soft is now pre-installing Yellow Dog Linux on Power Mac G5 systems
ordered directory from the Terra Soft on-line Store

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading developer of integrated solutions for PowerPC and an Apple Authorized Proprietary Solutions Provider. Yellow Dog Linux has boosted viability of Linux on PowerPC microprocessors with support for desktop, HPC, and embedded systems. Black Lab is an advanced, scalable, HPC cluster build and management suite.

For more information, visit

"PowerPC" is the trademark of IBM Corp. "Power Mac" is a trademark of Apple."


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