January 20, 2001

Yet Another Review of 'The Cathedral and the Bazaar'

Author: JT Smith

Mayank writes "Eric Raymond, author of the popular Fetchmail utility, is one of the most dedicated Open Source advocates. In this book he looks at the development model of Linux, which overturned many of his pre-determined notions of how large and important software development projects should be handled. He compares the ``cathedral'' model of development followed by most of the commercial world with the ``bazaar'' model as followed by Linux developers. Also find some good insights into the future of software development in this book. Yes, this is probably the 1000th review of ESR's "movement manifesto" (which came out in 1999), and yes, the review was obviously written in Word or another Microsoft-type word processor, but the book itself is still good, and if you are just learning about Open Source you should read it. Review at FreeOS.com.


  • Linux
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