July 15, 2007

Yoggie Pico: Security on a Stick

Yoggie Pico, from Israeli-based Yoggie Security Systems, isn't the first USB thumb drive with antivirus protection. But Yoggie Pico takes the concept to whole new heights - a USB Linux-based thumb-sized appliance that intercepts all Internet traffic and checks it for malware and security violations before allowing it through to the PC. The Linux OS means it won't be susceptible to Windows-targeting malware that typically shuts down PC-installed protection, thus giving the (top-rated Kaspersky) antivirus on the device a better chance to protect. And each time Yoggie Pico is rebooted, it installs a fresh copy of its Linux OS from a non-writeable partition on the device, further hardening the defense. In addition to antivirus, Yoggie Pico also provides a firewall, spam and phishing filter, anti-spyware scanner and other assorted protection.

Link: About.com

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