Your Container Orchestration Needs: Kubernetes vs. Mesos vs. Docker Swarm


On a recent client project, I’ve been asked to compare the 3 main players on the market for container orchestration and cluster management solution, these are Kubernetes, Docker Swarm and Mesos (a.k.a Data Center Operating System). Last year in October a feature comparison matrix was created by the team, which I had to adapt slightly to reflect the current status by the time of this writing in 2017 / June. In this post I’m not going to go through the feature comparison, but rather discuss and ask about your needs to find out which solution(s) might be the right choice for your business.

Depending on the real business needs and the flavor of your developers and operators, it might be that even 2 or even all 3 options have to co-exist together to full-fill a broader range of use cases in larger enterprises.

The reality is that the decision about finding the right container orchestration and cluster management solution for many enterprises depends on their todays and future needs.

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