October 13, 2003

YourGIMP for Windows released (feedback appreciated)

Spriteworks Developments writes "INTRODUCING YourGIMP for Windows. Our company (Spriteworks Developments) has used GIMP for a number of different projects over the years and it has served us well. We've watched GIMP grow as hundreds, even thousands of members within the open source community have sought to improve upon it. We wanted to be a part of this development process and we wanted to give something back to the community to show our heartfelt appreciation for making such a useful and feature-rich program available for everyone.

Anyway, since we always seemed to spend such an inordinate amount of time searching for difficult-to-find plugins, scripts, patterns, brushes and other goodies that were not included with the standard Win32 GIMP we were accustomed to using and since we always ended up having to back up lots of extra files and bookmarks and start all over again each time we reinstalled GIMP, we decided to create a distribution that had everything in one convenient place and was loaded with "all the goodies".

So we got down to business. First, we systematically went in and
removed any script or plugin that crashed when used. We were pretty thorough about this because we wanted YourGIMP for Windows to be as rock-solid and stable as possable. Then, we replaced the default patterns with close to 500 natural textures and surfaces suitable for creating realistic scenes. We added an extra 114 scripts, 182 brushes and 211 plugins while we were at it too!. Because of all the "extras", you hardly have to be an artist to use YourGIMP for Windows. To create a scene, simply paint a texture into the drawing window, slap in a few roses using the brush tool, add some text at the bottom and you've got
yourself a nice looking greeting card in minutes.

After we made these changes, we then we created a nice, easy-to-use installer and tested it in our small computer lab on a number of different computers running various versions of Windows. We tested and retested. Made additional changes. Spent considerable time on GIMP-related forums and read about what users wanted, what they did'nt want, what they wanted to see changed, etc. Then we went back to the drawing board again trying to make it "just right". The result is a very complete GIMP that comes so jam-packed with goodies that you will never again need to spend time surfing the internet looking for add-ons. YourGIMP is a GIMP for the "I want it ALL" crowd. A GIMP on steroids. Go ahead, spoil yourself because you deserve it. Please
Be advised though that it is entirely possable that once you've used YourGIMP for Windows, you may never want to use anything else:-).

Platform......Wndows ME, XP, XP Professional, NT 4.0, Windows Server 2000/2003

IMPORTANT!. You will need to download and install the GTK+ libraries (1.8M) BEFORE installing YourGIMP for Windows. The GTK+ libraries come with a quick and easy installer. Next, download and extract the file "yourgimp.zip" (38.7M) and run "setup.exe". Done.

Both files are located at...


YourGIMP for Windows is released under the GPL and while there is no proper page for it yet, sometime today, we will included ALL sources, links and other information (including a support forum). A great deal of time and work has gone into this distro and any feedback and/or peer reviews would be greatly appreciated:-)

Thank's and enjoy YourGIMP for Windows! :-)"

Link: spriteworks.com

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