Z4CK – Zaurus Centric cyberthriller paperback

Winter Wizard writes “A novel both about — and written on — a Linux-based Sharp Zaurus has been released in paper form. Z4CK, by Scottish security professional Kevin Milne, is a cyber thriller that begins in 2031, whose protagonist uses a wireless-enabled Sharp Zaurus to defend himself from false murder accusations. The book tells the story of Duncan Steele, who, dying of Cancer takes a last opportunity to explain to his son many things that had happened in the past, providing him reasons for him being an absent parent, during his sons youth. Unlike films like ‘The Net’, Z4CK gives a realistic insight into hacker tools and techniques. The novel features wireless hacking with the Zaurus, and provides a view of how an Open Source future might look. Z4CK was first released online in August, and the work remains available in downloadable form. The first six chapters are free, with complete PDF and plucker versions available for $3.

Link: www.z4ck.org