ZAP Provides Automated Security Tests in Continuous Integration Pipelines


Commonly, a mixture of open source and expensive proprietary tools are shoehorned into a pipeline to perform tests on nightly as well as ad hoc builds. However, anyone who has used such tests soon realizes that the maturity of a smaller number of time-honored tests is sometimes much more valuable than the extra detail you get by shoehorning too many tests into the pipe then waiting three hours for a nightly build to complete. The maturity of your battle-hardened tests is key.

The tests you require might involve interrogating the quality of code from developers or checking code for licensing issues. A continuous testing strategy can be onerous to set up but brings unparalleled value to your end product, including improvements in uptime, performance, compliance, and security.

To make any of the tests you run within your pipeline useful, you should be able to integrate them with existing tools and fire them following simple event-based hooks or triggers.

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