Zen Box server the hassle free all-in-one solution

Hervé Fulchiron writes “Zinside announces the Zen Box server : the hassle free all-in-one solution

Zinside (with the appropriate slogan “the Zen side of computing”) announces the debut of the Zen Box server, a 100% open source alternative to Microsoft Exchange(c) and Lotus Domino(c). The French company uses an accessible and revolutionary approach to the server industry, which is frequently considered as too technical and is often dreaded by end users.

“One does not need to be an expert in networking or spend big bucks in risky hardware and licenses,” says Hervé Fulchiron, one of the founders of Zinside, “We offer a complete groupware suite plus the essential network and security tools. The first configuration of the Zen Box server is based on a Shuttle case, with an AMD AthlonXP 2400+, 256 MB of RAM DDR 300Mhz, a 80 GB hard drive, and CDROM burner. Prices starting at 135 Euros per month.”

Zinside’s answer to the industry’s fragmented server solutions is an all-in-one package:
* installation of the server at your place with a monthly membership
* software upgrades
* 24/7 system monitoring
* local backup solution
* remote administration for full support of the system
* hardware warranty

Moreover, the Zen Box server is flexible and already offers options such as video surveillance. The next generation of the Zen Box will soon support Voice-Over-IP and FAX modules.

Don’t just take our word for it, try out the Zen Box server yourself at www.zinside.com.

Zinside, the Zen Side of Computing :

Based on a new hybrid implementation model, called “Onsite Outsourcing” or “In-House Hosting”, Zinside is a fast growing and innovative Application Service Provider (ASP). Zinside provides organizations with a fully integrated system including the software, hardware and services required for the deployment of a comprehensive, Internet-based enterprise business application. The solution resides at the client’s own site, for an affordable, fixed monthly fee.

The Zinsiders

Villa Bagatelle, rue André Armandy
33970 Cap Ferret – FRANCE
Tel : +33 (0)5 57 70 95 83″

Link: zinside.com