August 18, 2005

Zenwalk Linux 1.2 Screenshot Tour

Anonymous Reader writes "DistroWatch reports - minislack Zenwalk Linux is a new name of what used to be known as "Minislack". The change of name is accompanied by a new release - version 1.2: "We are happy to announce the first release: Zenwalk 1.2. New features are the hardware Discover service (v2.0.7), Gnome System Tools (v1.2) which provide a more user-friendly way to setup network, users, time, and Gnome CUPS Manager for easy printer setup. A large number of packages have been updated, most significant being the kernel (, GCC, Firefox, Thunderbird, Gnome-libs, (1.9.122).

OSDir has the shots of the newly released Zenwalk Linux 1.2."



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