April 27, 2008

Zimbra- Your Open Source Mail Server

Author: JT Smith

Are you in the lookout for a good open source mail server?
Well, then your first stop would be Zimbra.
Zimbra provides open-source server and client software for numerous applications like messaging and collaboration: email, group calendaring, contacts, and web document management and authoring.
The Zimbra server has been made available for various platforms like Linux, Mac OS X, appliances, and virtualization platforms. The Zimbra Web 2.0 Ajax client runs on most commonly used browsers like Firefox, Safari, and IE. It also features easy integration/mash-ups of web portals, business applications, and VoIP using web services.
When it comes to comparison between Zimbra and Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra is in par with Exchange in many ways. It is in fact ahead of Exchange for hosting providers and in collaboration features. One of the notable difference between Zimbra and Exchange is that Zimbra provides SOAP bindings which allows third parties to integrate additional functionality with Zimbra.

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