December 13, 2010

Zimmerman: Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 10 for December 2010

The Ubuntu technical board has been reviewing the most popular topics in Ubuntu Brainstorm—which allows people to vote on bugs and new features in the distribution—as Ubuntu CTO Matt Zimmerman reports on his blog. The ten most popular topics have received "expert answers", that Zimmerman describes. "To tell us about it, Amit Kucheria, Ubuntu kernel developer and leader of the Linaro working group on Power Management, contributed a great writeup on this topic, with technical analysis, tips and recommendations, and a look at what’s coming next. [Kucheria says:] I am going to attempt to summarize the various use profiles and what Ubuntu does (or can do) to prolong battery life in those profiles. Power management, when done right, should not require the user to make several (difficult) choices. It should just work — providing a good balance of performance and battery life."

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