August 16, 2006

Zmanda Tapped for Novell's Market Start Program

Anonymous Reader writes "Zmanda, the
leader in open source data protection, today announced that it has been
selected to join Novell's Market Start program for innovative open source
companies. Designed to accelerate open source adoption worldwide, Market
Start gives enterprise open source vendors access to Novell's global sales
and marketing channels to bring their solutions to the marketplace. It is
comprised of a select group of leading open source vendors including
Groundwork, MySQL and SugarCRM.

Zmanda also announced today that its Amanda Enterprise Edition software
supports the new SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 platform from Novell. Customers
can immediately deploy Zmanda's affordable, enterprise-grade open source
data protection software in the SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 operating
environment, extending the benefits of open source software to the critical
operational task of data backup and recovery.

"We are delighted to have been chosen for membership in Novell's
exclusive Market Start program, which is quickly becoming the 'who's who' of
the open source industry," said Chander Kant, Zmanda CEO. "By participating
in prestigious industry initiatives such as Market Start and supporting SUSE
Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell, we are aggressively enhancing Amanda's
enterprise readiness to deliver, for the first time, the benefits of open
source to mainstream corporate data protection."

Amanda Enterprise: Business-Ready Open Source Data Protection

Amanda Enterprise from Zmanda is based on the widely-used Amanda open source
data backup and recovery technology, which has been battle-tested and proven
by the open source community for well over a decade. Unlike many backup and
recovery solutions on the market, Amanda is a robust network backup solution
that can handle large, complex environments, but its low-cost and
ease-of-use also make it ideal for smaller IT environments.

Zmanda's Amanda Enterprise is a commercial-grade version of Amanda built to
address the requirements of the corporate enterprise. It has been tested,
certified and pre-compiled for leading operating systems by Zmanda engineers
to work in a business-critical environment.

"Zmanda delivers an enterprise-ready version of a widely used
and proven open source project, giving customers new choice and flexibility
in their data protection technology," said John Beuchert, director of open
source marketing programs for Novell. "Zmanda represents open source
innovation at its best, and they are a natural addition to Novell's Market
Start program."

Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 from Novell adds to the expanding list
of operating systems supported by Amanda Enterprise, which includes Red Hat,
Solaris and Windows.

Amanda Enterprise is available as part of a subscription to the Zmanda
Network, a full suite of software and services for affordable,
commercial-grade data protection. For more information about the Zmanda
Network and Amanda Enterprise software, please go to the Zmanda website at

About Zmanda

Zmanda was founded in September 2005 to bring the benefits of open source
software to the data protection market. The company's flagship offering is
the Zmanda Network, a suite of enterprise software and services based on the
world's most popular open source data backup and recovery technology,
Amanda. Zmanda is committed to enabling the widespread adoption of open
source data protection solutions in the enterprise. Zmanda's corporate
leadership includes veteran executives with experience in enterprise storage
and open source software. The company's headquarters are located in
Sunnyvale, California. For more information about Zmanda, please go to

Note to editors: For more information on Novell's Market Start program,
please see related press release from Novell announced today at"


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