Zope Weekly News for May 4th


Author: JT Smith

Ethan Fremen leads off with these headlines: Berleley Storage beta, Zope Book final,
Zope 2.4 further ahead than you might think,
You should use an ODB –
or use SmartObjects so things behave like one,
all in this Zope Weekly News

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Upcoming Events
Linux Expo Brasil

In only 5 days,
Paul Everitt will be participating in the Keynote Session
at the Linux Expo Brazil
, being held on the 9th and 10th of May.

EuroZope Conference

The EuroZope crew is organizing a two
day Zope only conference in Berlin on the 12th
and 13th of July.

Those interested in participating should join the
discussion on the EuroZope mailinglist

Zope in the Press

IBM developerWorks discusses Zope from the perspective of a Perl/CGI programmer
in a fairly complimentary way.

Although it’s not specifically about zope, there’s a great article called

Why Aren’t You Using an Object Oriented Database Management System

which may be useful the next time someone brings up the “black box” of
the ZODB.

Speaking of the ZODB…

Berkley Database Storage

Barry Warsaw and Jeremy Hilton of PythonLabs fame have been hard at work on
a new storage for zope. This new storage, using the Berkely database from
SleepyCat software, enabling a number of improvements over FileStorage.py.

There are several storage implementations, but the one that matches FileStorage’s
abilities is the “Full” version. This version supports undo, versions, and
automatic reference counting garbage collection.

Full’s undo support is new. It’s called transactional undo
which is really a non-destructive, redo-able undo.

Some of their other advantages include far less memory utilization when you
have large numbers of objects and less expensive undo.

Please note that these storages have not been tested with Python 1.5.2 and
will probably not be supported under 1.5.2, though they may work.

You can download the Berkely Storage Product

Zope Status

by Brian Lloyd


Zope 2.3.2 final, 2.4 progress

Recent News

Zope 2.3.2 final was released last friday, with no major issues
reported. Dieter Maurer uncovered a subtle security flaw (not
specific to 2.3.2) that required a hotfix

That means that there will probably be a 2.3.3 sometime reasonably
soon, though we are going to wait for a bit to make sure nothing
else important comes up. We are currently concentrating on the
plan for Zope 2.4

Quite a bit of progress has already been made. Most of the regex
to re conversion is done, a new common framework for handling
“restricted code” (for DTML, SQLMethods and Scripts) has been
checked in, and most of the smaller assessment-type tasks are
now complete. I expect that we will easily be able to start making
Zope 2.4 alphas this month (May).

Zope Book

The Zope Book has gone final!
Read it now
and don’t forget to buy a copy from the good folks at New Riders
when you get the chance.

SmartObjects update

by Stephen Richter


  • Kapil presented his first Model-based design. We will now try to mix the
    different ideas together.

  • Discussions on making SmartObjects TransWarp (and other platforms?)

  • Phillip Eby (writer of TransWarp) was invited to the list and comments on
    our design ideas.

  • There was a request for features call

If you are interested in helping with SmartObjects, please visit the
iuveno project site.

Note: We will not only need hard-core Zope and Python developers, but also
Information Architects and Graphic designers to create Wizards, so that it
will be easy to create SmartObjects in the ZMI. So come and check it out!

Zope Web

by Ethan Fremen

Zope Weekly Name Dance

You may have noticed that the Zope Weekly News has undergone some
name changes in the past few months. The frequency of it’s release
had dropped off somewhat, and I’d received feedback that the name
didn’t make much sense if it didn’t come out weekly.

Well, the name has been changed, and I’ve received even more feedback
that what people really want is to have it called the “Weekly News”
and live up to it’s title. Therefore, I have changed it’s name back,
and will be doing whatever it takes to make sure one comes out
every week.



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