Zope X3 3.0.0 final released

Stephan Richter writes “The Zope 3 development team is proud to announce Zope X3 3.0.0 final. After
almost three years of development it has finally arrived!

Zope X3 is the next major Zope release and has been written from scratch
based on the latest software design patterns and the experiences of Zope 2. The
“X” in the name stands for “experimental”, since this release does not try to
provide any backward-compatibility to Zope 2.

Zope is an open source web application server primarily written in the Python
programming language. It features a transactional object database which can
store not only content and custom data, but also dynamic HTML templates,
scripts, a search engine, and relational database (RDBMS) connections and
code. It features a strong through-the-web development model, allowing you to
update your web site from anywhere in the world. To allow for this, Zope also
features a tightly integrated security model. Built around the concept of “safe
delegation of control”, Zope’s security architecture also allows you to turn
control over parts of a web site to other organizations or individuals.

Zope users include Viacom, Boston.com, Lufthansa, SGI, AARP, Bell Atlantic
Mobile (now Verizon Wireless), Red Hat, NASA, the US Navy, ishophere.com,
i-Gift, IDG (Brazil), GE, Digital Garage, Verio, www.HireTechs.com, Park City
Ski Area, and Storm Linux.



Installation instructions for both Windows and Un*x/Linux are now available  
in the top level README.txt of the distribution. The binary installer is  
recommended for Windows.

Add-on packages will also be available at



There are several documentation sources for learning Zope 3.


  • Zope 3 Developers Book

    This book will be published later this year by Sams Publishing.

  • Zope 3 Programmer Tutorial

  • The “API Doc Tool” is available as part of the Zope 3 online help. Once
        you started Zope 3, you can reach it via

  • Zope 3 Developer Info

  • “Web Component Development with Zope 3” is a second Zope 3 book that will
        be out in January 2005 by Springer Verlag.




  • On Windows, you must uninstall any previous installation of Zope X3 before
        installing the new release.

  • Zope X3 depends on zlib, which is usually compiled into
    Python by default, but if your system does not have the zlib
    library installed, it will skip to build the zlib module.

  • When creating the Zope 3 installation using the
        process, a few tests will sometimes fail, if you specify a relative
        prefix path. If this happens to you, just use the absolute


Thanks goes to everyone that contributed.

  Albertas Agejevas, Steve Alexander, Don Baarda, Volker Bachschneider,
  Anthony Baxter, Michael Bernstein, Stuart Bishop, R. Sean Bowman, Axel
  Bringenberg, Tom Cameron, Godefroid Chapelle, Fred Drake, Phillip Eby,
  Ulrich Eck, Bruce Eckel, Suresh Babu Eddals, Paul Everitt, Martijn Faassen,
  David Fregon, Jim Fulton, Marius Gedminas, Shane Hathaway, Christian
  Heimes, Eckart Hertzler, Any Hird, Michael Howitz, Dominik Huber, Jeremy
  Hylton, Roger Ineichen, Richard Jones, Andreas Jung, Alexander Limi, Kevin
  Littlejohn, Chris McDonough, Mark McEahern, R. David Murray, Gustavo
  Niemeyer, Scott Pascoe, Tim Peters, Gary Poster, Kiki Pruvot, Sathya
  Rangaswami, Stephan Richter, Paul Roe, Guido van Rossum, Alan Runyan, Tres
  Seaver, Sidnei da Silva, Peter Simmons, Garret Smith, Jan Smith, Adam
  Summers, Kapil Thangavelu, Christian Theune, Bjorn Tillenius, Dimitry
  Vasiliev, Richard Volpato, Barry Warsaw, Gregoire Weber, Philipp von
  Weitershausen, Paul Winkler, Chris Withers, Nathan Yergler, Rob Zaar,
  Viktorija Zaksiene”

Link: dev.zope.org


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