ZTE Launches Nubia Range of High-End Devices, Announces Z5 Quad-Core Smartphone


ZTE unveils highend Nubia mobile line, launches Z5 quadcore, 13megapixel, Italian design

ZTE’s plan to reinvent itself as a high-end smartphone was missing one, crucial ingredient — a European-sounding name that ended in “…ia” to brand its new range of top-level devices. That’s why the company has just announced Nubia, which apparently means “cloudy” in Latin. It’s also teased details of the first handset to arrive under this new cloud (geddit?), the Z5. This new 5-inch smartphone will have quad-core internals, a 13-megapixel camera and “Italian” design — which makes us hope above hope that they hired Pininfarina and it’ll come in Ferrari Red.

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