March 19, 2001

Zuma Networks and Stonesoft partner on firewall project

Author: JT Smith

From PR Newswire: Zuma Networks,
Inc., a leading-edge provider of layer 2/3/4 switch-routing/IP service
delivery platforms, and Stonesoft Corporation, (HEX: SFT1V), a leading
provider of enterprise-level security and high availability software
solutions, today announced a strategic partnership to deliver the next level
of scalable, high-availability security platforms. The companies are
integrating Stonesoft's StoneGate(TM) high-availability firewall and VPN
software into Zuma Network's LightReef layer 2/3/4 switch-routing/IP
service delivery platform. Together, the company technologies will deliver
the industry's most scalable, all-in-one switching, security and clustering
firewall/VPN platform.

Networks LightReef switch routing platforms integrate layer 2/3/4 switching
and multi-processing Linux IP services in a scalable and open platform.

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