SGI opens Open Inventor source code

Author: JT Smith The Register announces that SGI has released the source code for its high-end Open Inventor 3D graphics object-oriented application development system to the Linux and open source communities. Category: Open Source
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AOL software leaked to Web

Author: JT Smith The Washington Post follows up on reports that a working version of America Online's Linux software has leaked out to several Web sites, where it is being eagerly dissected by computer wonks.
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Andy Hertzfeld Part II - Microsoft, Aqua and greed

Author: JT Smith Excerpts from an interview with Andy Hertzfeld and The Register at LinuxExpo. Category: Open Source
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SuSE swipes AS/400 in IBM megadeal

Author: JT Smith Although partnerships between OEMs and distros are announced every day, what swings this one is that SuSE has got across the board coverage for IBM kit on ThinkPads, NetVista clients, Intellistations and NetFinity servers, reports The Register. Category: Linux
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European start-up banking on the need for weed

Author: JT Smith CNet News reports, iToke, a kind of alter ego to, the popular 30-minute delivery service in several U.S. cities, plans to take delivery orders for marijuana starting Sept. 1, igniting fires under federal laws that prohibit marijuana sales outside of cafes. Category:...
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Linuxlab packs 160 servers into a standard six-foot rack

Author: JT Smith Linuxlab expands the boundaries of high-density server configuration with its Saratoga Rack 160, enabling information providers to place up to 160 Web servers in a standard six-foot sever rack, reports Linux PR. Category: Unix
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Monterey to bear fruit this year

Author: JT Smith Project Monterey, IBM's next-generation Unix operating system, which supports Linux applications and runs on Intel's 64bit processors (IA-64), will be released this year under the name AIX 5L, reported the Computer Reseller News. Category: Linux
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Logitech is set to go beyond the PC

Author: JT Smith Computer peripherals manufacturer Logitech International SA plans to move beyond the personal computer into living rooms and onto the Internet, a senior executive told Reuters on Thursday.
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New strain of "Love" virus steals passwords

Author: JT Smith Security experts say that a new strain of the infamous "I Love You" virus has hit some businesses located in Europe and in the United States, reports CNet News. Category: Linux
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Author: JT Smith The Embedded Linux Weekly Newsletter for August 17 is out.
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