Opinion: Intel would be silly to copy Napster

Author: JT Smith The rumor is Intel is about to share its file-sharing vision, based on Napster. eWeek's John Taschek says that'd be a silly idea. Category: Open Source
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Embedded Linux making great strides

Author: JT Smith takes a look at how far embedded Linux has come in the past year, with information from the just-past Linux World. Category: Linux
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TrollTech 'vilified' by Free Software community

Author: JT Smith From a LinuxPlanet interview with TrollTech CEO Haavard Nord: TrollTech has been vilified by the Free Software community -- i.e., the Free Software Foundation and later the Debian organizers -- for not releasing Qt initially under the GPL....
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Opinion: Taking on Microsoft at the desktop

Author: JT Smith From an OSopinion column by Tom Adelstein: "Can we trust corporations who have made questionable or inferior technological decisions in the past to make better technological decisions in the future? Or will the sway and...
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Author: JT Smith founder Dan Rodrigues defends his search engine against claims by the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, who say his service is essentially the same thing as other file-sharing Web sites, according to a story...
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How should NewsForge change?

Author: JT Smith - by Robin "Roblimo" Miller - NewsForge, like all decent Web sites, gets updated periodically. We're getting ready to do our next update, and would like to hear your ideas on what changes we should make. You can either post your suggestions here or email them to editors@newsforge....
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Compaq delivers expanded Linux server and desktop solutions

Author: JT Smith Linux PR reports, Compaq Computer Corporation today announced new Linux products and partner-based offerings that will enable its Linux customers to achieve new levels of enterprise availability, scalability and management.
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MSC.Software and HP sign worldwide reseller agreement for Linux Clusters

Author: JT Smith MSC.Software Corporation today announced that it is to provide scientists, engineers and technical designers with a pre-integrated and optimized turnkey Linux Cluster solutions based on its MSC.Linux appliances and HP VISUALIZE Personal Workstations from Hewlett-Packard Company,...
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Red Hat unveils IA-64 Linux JumpStart Program

Author: JT Smith Red Hat, Inc. announced today the IA-64 JumpStart Program, which provides all the software, tools, support and training needed for independent software and hardware vendors to quickly develop solutions for Red Hat Linux on Intel's new Itanium IA-64 architecture, reports Business...
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Source for Sash for Linux available

Author: JT Smith Source code for SashXB for Linux open source project is now available under the LGPL license at, reports Linux Today Category: Linux
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