CMGI confident AltaVista will float

Author: JT Smith Speaking to The Register, Sam Sethi, European Marketing Director for CMGI, said: "We're still planning to IPO either later this year or in the first quarter 2001 - depending on market conditions."
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Author: JT Smith Keith Raffel,'s founder and CEO, spoke out today on the pending announcement of Oracle's "free" sales automation offering, reported by Business Wire. Category: Open Source
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Internet Update

Author: JT Smith This is a roundup of new and updated resources and services on the global Internet, from Newsbytes.
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IMUnified takes AIM at open messaging

Author: JT Smith Instant messaging group IMUnified plans to allow customers to chat real-time with subscribers in other systems using techniques that rival America Online has also employed, according to Reuters.
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Web traffic servers fail

Author: JT Smith According to the Wall Street Journal, four of the 13 computers that manage global Internet traffic partially failed for a brief period Wednesday night due to a technical glitch.
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B-to-B: Evolution, not revolution

Author: JT Smith The Standard observes that online marketplaces are getting squeezed from all sides, now some are transforming themselves into application service providers.
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Europe's four little MP3s

Author: JT Smith The Standard looks at four businessmen that have trademarked country domains that begin with MP3, and that have now formed an alliance.
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Can syndication save content?

Author: JT Smith More and more content sites are trying it, but the results so far have been mixed, prompting The Standard to ask, is content king again?
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FCC delays spectrum auction, allows more bidders

Author: JT Smith Federal regulators said today they would delay a hotly anticipated auction for wireless "spectrum," in part to allow more companies a chance to bid, reports CNET News.
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Dell leads rush to sell 1-GHz Xeon systems

Author: JT Smith Leading an expected avalanche of new systems, Dell Computer next week will unveil a workstation based on Intel's new 1-GHz Pentium III Xeon processor, reports CNET News. Category: Unix
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