Spreadsheets under BSD

Author: JT Smith "The real test of the BSDs on the corporate desktop is going to be the spreadsheet" from BSD Today.
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Guide to choosing a modem for Linux

Author: JT Smith SignalGround has put up this guide on how to choose and install a modem for a Linux system, from Weekly News.
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MandrakeSoft ports Linux-Mandrake to SPARC

Author: JT Smith NewsAlert reports that MandrakeSoft today announced that its award winning solution, Linux-Mandrake, has been ported to Sun Microsystems' SPARC(TM) and UltraSPARC(TM) platforms.
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Linux group pushes petition about European patent laws

Author: JT Smith The Register reports that the, together with some other non-profit organizations, has produced an online petition for the European Parliament protesting against planned changes in European patent laws.
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Dot-coms falling from Nasdaq's grace

Author: JT Smith The market has begun to boot Internet companies that are falling below its standards, reports The Standard.
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Linux: best kept secret for Virtual Private Networks

Author: JT Smith OpenReach's TrueSpan lets companies connect multiple sites to the same LAN, via the Internet , reports Planet IT.
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Author: JT Smith The trucking site benefits from Baymountain's full-service managed hosted solution, reports Linux PR.
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AOL's Linux software published on Web site

Author: JT Smith A technology site,, made America Online's Linux software available Sunday, reports CNET's AOL's been working its Linux software, code-named Gamera, since May 1999.
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Red Herring: 'Linux stocks land in the poorhouse'

Author: JT Smith From a story: "Linux companies are having a hard time figuring out how to make money from something that's free. Quelle surprise. Last year the entire sector generated a measly $67 million in revenue, which pales in comparison to operating system revenue from...
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Opinion: What do Linux, classical music have in common?

Author: JT Smith Linux adminstrator Russell Miller compares Linux zealots to fans of classical music, in
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