The suck factor: Leibovitch on Linux

Author: JT Smith "How do you tell the useful criticism from the useless, as tempers heat up in the summer sun? It doesn't really matter," says ZDNet. Category: Linux
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IBM to ship SuSE on Netfinity servers

Author: JT Smith For German SuSE, the IBM deal is the latest to strengthen its foothold in the US, where rival Red Hat holds a greater market share, says eWeek. Category: Open Source
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IBM deal looks to ensure service with a smile

Author: JT Smith Big Blue has formed a partnership with Kana Communications to integrate Kana's software with IBM's hardware, middleware and services and to jointly market and sell the...
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Napster: A hypocritical company? OLD STORY, GG

Author: JT Smith From WSJ Interactive: While Napster is eager to help its users share music, there's one kind of sharing it won't tolerate.
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Agencies beta-test hardened open-source Unix OS

Author: JT Smith Government users of the FreeBSD Unix operating system now have some security reassurance from 2Cactus Development Inc., which this month released an initial version of SecureBSD. From Government Computer News.
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Author: JT Smith The Austin American Statesman reports that is planning to open bricks and mortar kiosks equipped to digitally download songs.
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Informix announces availability of Informix Dynamic Server.2000 for Linux

Author: JT Smith Business Wire reports this new release of IDS.2000 is the result of a three-way relationship between Informix, Compaq, and SuSE to bring the power and memory capacity of Compaq's 64-bit Alpha system to the Linux market place.
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Internet streaming process gets patent pending process

Author: JT Smith PRWeb reports that the process is a form of streaming both ways, similar to video conferencing, but using the Internetâs bandwidth capabilities to hook up thousands, perhaps millions of people at the same time.
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Dialogic delivers communication product to the Linux developer community

Author: JT Smith Intel Corporation and its Dialogic subsidiary today announced the availability of its Linux application development kit reports Business Wire.
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OpenSales, CollabNet to share e-commerce projects with Open Source community

Author: JT Smith Business Wire reports the program, called OpenSalesXChange, will provide developers with complete access to contract employment in small and medium implementations of the open-sourced and WAP-enabled e-commerce platform, OpenSales AllCommerce.
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