Survivor software just wants to have fun

Author: JT Smith Tens of thousands of fans of the popular CBS show are visiting for updates, and all they get is some lousy advertising.
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Author: JT Smith Online retailer and toy giant Toys R Us Inc. are collaborating to make a toy and video games store and a baby products store on's Web site. Category: Open Source
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Music alternatives: file sharing beyond Napster

Author: JT Smith "Go ahead, shut down Napster," the music-sharing community seems to be saying.
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Fostering the Linux spirit

Author: JT Smith Spare parts are like gemstones to Linux advocates -- they're hard to find, harder to keep and usually more precious than rubies. Category: Linux
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Netscape's Smart Download gets less snoopy

Author: JT Smith The company says it will stop the illegal gathering of private information from users of the program.
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How well do free ISPs connect?

Author: JT Smith Two free providers recently closed up shop.
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Second Mozilla developer meeting scheduled

Author: JT Smith This summit is timed to coincide with Linux World events.
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Yellowknife voters list caught in Web of privacy concerns

Author: JT Smith The City of Yellowknife was trying to make it easier for voters to make sure they were on the list. What it did was start a controversy about privacy rights and the Internet.
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Microsoft getting into ASP game

Author: JT Smith The new service will allow people to have access to their personal data, games and Web sites from any computer or mobile device, such as cell phones and handhelds.
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Virginia fails to block net porn

Author: JT Smith Lawyers hailed the ruling as a victory for free speech.
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