Linux NetworX Opens Houston Office

Author: JT Smith Press Release from Linux NetworX talks of how its 3-D imaging systems are being used by the oil and gas exploration industry. (Other company announcements on the same page.)
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Lego Mindstorms in Education

Author: JT Smith O'Reilly Network Discourse. Quote: "Lego Mindstorms robots have found their way into a lot of classrooms, from primary schools to universities. There are several reasons for the popularity of Lego robots as teaching tools. Most...
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Mission Critical Linux's Convolo Cluster

Author: JT Smith Heather Araskiewicz writes "--- Leadership cluster solution, based on Open Source technology, is now available -- Lowell, MA, August 7, 2000- Mission Critical Linux, Inc., the cutting-edge Linux products and services company, has announced the immediate availability of its...
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Enhydra: A new model for collaboration

Author: JT Smith IBM developerWorks is running this Enhydra case study. Their summary: Enhydra, an open source application server, serves as an example of collaboration between business and development in the open source community. Maya Stodte takes a look at how the developers...
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Author: JT Smith This is the Link to's review of the KDE email processing utility, in which Kmail is likened to "...Eudora for Windows and the Apple Macintosh..." Category: Open Source
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The Red Brigade -- hackers for the good of humanity

Author: JT Smith story about a group of "white hat" hackers based at Sandia National Labs formally known as the "Information Design Assurance Red Team" or IDART. Category: Linux
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TradeClient Update

Author: JT Smith Full Press Release at LinuxPR. "TradeClient provides support for personal calendaring, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP (Global Address Book) multiple mail folders, multi-account (POP3 and IMAP) handling, MIME, message digests, and raytraced icons."
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CovalentTechnologies Names New CEO

Author: JT Smith John M. Jack was named President & CEO of Covalent Technologies on Aug. 1, according to a Press Release at LinuxPR.
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IBM Develops Linux 'Smart Watch'

Author: JT Smith ABC News mentions Linux-powered computer-enabled watch. But you can't buy one yet. Quote: "This is just a research prototype," said [IBM spokesperson]Takako Yamakura. "Some say Linux cannot be scaled down. This is just to show Linux is...
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PR: LinuxIT Signs Pact With Zen Computing

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR has the scoop: "LinuxIT UK announced today that it had signed an exclusive European distribution agreement with Zen Computing for InSite 2.0, a dynamic Content Management System." Category: Open Source
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