TradeClient Update

Author: JT Smith Full Press Release at LinuxPR. "TradeClient provides support for personal calendaring, IMAP, SMTP, LDAP (Global Address Book) multiple mail folders, multi-account (POP3 and IMAP) handling, MIME, message digests, and raytraced icons."
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CovalentTechnologies Names New CEO

Author: JT Smith John M. Jack was named President & CEO of Covalent Technologies on Aug. 1, according to a Press Release at LinuxPR.
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IBM Develops Linux 'Smart Watch'

Author: JT Smith ABC News mentions Linux-powered computer-enabled watch. But you can't buy one yet. Quote: "This is just a research prototype," said [IBM spokesperson]Takako Yamakura. "Some say Linux cannot be scaled down. This is just to show Linux is...
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PR: LinuxIT Signs Pact With Zen Computing

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR has the scoop: "LinuxIT UK announced today that it had signed an exclusive European distribution agreement with Zen Computing for InSite 2.0, a dynamic Content Management System." Category: Open Source
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*We Should Follow up on one like this & wrote our own story!*

Author: JT Smith url ... OpenMail for Linux Sees Tremendous User-base
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MS Claims New C# Scripting Language Surpasses Perl!

Author: JT Smith "Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ: !@*$#) announced today that with the announcement of its mythical language C#, along with technologies like ASP+ and COM+, the company has dealt Open Source another devastating blow: Microsoft Marketese has achieved the highest density...
Read 0 Comments Interviews Arturo Espinosa

Author: JT Smith "Arturo Espinosa Aldama forms part of the generation that was early exposed to 8-bit computers and BASIC programming. He has been either an amateur or professional programmer since, and a GNU/Linux user since he...
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MandrakeSoft Appoints Internet Pioneer Henri Poole as CEO.

Author: JT Smith [press release]San Francisco, CA, August 7, 2000 - MandrakeSoft Inc., the company behind the world's fastest-growing Linux operating system, Linux-Mandrake, today announced the appointment of Internet industry pioneer Henri Poole as its new...
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Latest Netscape 6 Beta Due This Week

Author: JT Smith [announcement]Full story at Quote: "There will be at least one more beta before a final version slated for this fall. This is a critical time for Netscape given that Microsoft's Internet Explorer has overtaken the once-dominant...
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EBIZ Enterprises and LinuxMall Finalize Merger

Author: JT Smith Brief LinuxToday story. Full press release text. Category: Open Source
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