Opinion: What do Linux, classical music have in common?

Author: JT Smith Linux adminstrator Russell Miller compares Linux zealots to fans of classical music, in
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Author: JT Smith From LinuxPR: Linux League Commissioner and weekly contributor, Francis Gaskins, hosts a panel of guests Monday to review Linux trends, with comment on IBM, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Check out the broadcast.
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Linux-related stocks rally Monday

Author: JT Smith On news that IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq Computer saying they'll support the Gnome Foundation, several Linux-related stocks rose in trading Monday, reports Bloomberg.
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TuxBox game tutorial released

Author: JT Smith vmlinuz writes, "After counless hours of work, here is the TuxBox Game Tutorial. Very early version of course, but it should teach you how bad of a writer I am if nothing else. Also, released are new versions of both Smoke and DGI as well. These are both (again) much better. For...
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Let Windows die

Author: JT Smith NewsFactor Network writes, "So, what would happen if Microsoft pulled Windows? The server world would continue, and the desktop world could see the return of good old capitalist competition. We could dust off OS/2 and BeOS and get back to competing to create really great operating...
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Mandrake 8.2 Release Candidate 1 out

Author: JT Smith SimDan writes, "After four beta relases RC1 has been released. From the web site: 'Soon the final version will be here. The first Release Candidate is available for download at the usual places. Up to now all betatesters have done a remarkable job to make the upcoming release a...
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LynxOS 4.0 attains "holy grail" of Linux ABI compatibility

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes "Delivering on a promise made in November 1999, LynuxWorks today unveiled a major upgrade to its LynxOS real-time operating system (RTOS), which the company claims is now the first hard real-time operating system to provide binary compatibility with Linux...
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developerWorks toolbox sample CD and DVD

Author: JT Smith ShellDawg writes: "Here's a great way to get all the IBM middleware sent to you for free. IBM is giving away a free CD or DVD filled with alphaWorks technologies, white papers and the following IBM applications ported to Linux: IBM DB2 Universal Database Enterprise/Personal Edt. V7...
Read 0 Comments releases version 2.4 of Kivio mp

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR: "Our premier flowcharting, graphing and vector graphics package for Linux and Windows now has a new release with more features and bug fixes. Kivio mp is similar to Visio from Microsoft but we go beyond just using stencils to provide generic vector graphic ability...
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Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes: "They have released a followup to Part one which talked about the attack signatures attackers leave when attacking your web applications. Good paper that explains what you may find in your logs and what they may mean. Fingerprinting Port 80 Attacks part two...
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