NetBSD at the 4th Chemnitz Linux-day: a daemon among penguins

Author: JT Smith From BSD Today: "March 9/10 was a big "Linux" event at the university of Chemnitz, Germany. About 1500 attendees visited technical sessions in several tracks, went to the "install fest", watched demonstrations or participated in workshops. The event also had some BSD content: a...
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Author: JT Smith LPH writes "Just thought NewsForge readers would be interested in an email sent out by Michael Robertson. It appears they are about ready for Preview 2 of Lindows and a ruling from the Judge regarding the name." Category: Linux
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Linux group plots business desktop domination

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes " carries a story that a pressure group called OpenForum Europe has been created to speed the take-up of open source software (OSS) in UK businesses. Comments are invited from registered users" Category: Open Source
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MandrakeSoft, here we go again

Author: JT Smith - By Jack Bryar - I love MandrakeSoft. I love its product. I think its software team is great, but the company's recent "strategy" of begging for money is ridiculous posture for any for-profit company. It may be time for MandrakeSoft to return to its roots. It must be that time...
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Debian developer wins gold in Salt Lake City

Author: JT Smith Debian Planet reports that a Debian developer has won two gold medals at this year's Paralympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
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Everything XMMS

Author: JT Smith DocTomoe writes: "While many Linux users wouldn't think a second about playing music on a Linux box, others can't live without it. iMacLinux has a guide that will show you a bit through the possibilities of XMMS and why it has become the "standard" Linux music player. Screenshots...
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'We'll play nicely' says Microsoft

Author: JT Smith " Steve Ballmer was sharing the platform with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder when he acknowledged his company had a less than perfect track record as far as trustworthiness went."
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Bynari offering free Linux groupware suite

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR: "Bynari's InsightConnector allows Microsoft(R) Outlook users to uncouple their dependence on Microsoft Exchange. To test it, a user needs an IMAP server. So what's the problem? Outlook users need an Open Source advocate to help them through the murky waters of freedom."
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Author: JT Smith njcajun writes: ", a banner-ad free community site devoted to administrators of *nix servers and networks, is looking for any and all writers who can document some of the more advanced uses of Linux. Some ideas are: 'Linux in a Mixed LDAP/NIS environment', '...
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Firebird 1.0 final release

Author: JT Smith Mariuz writes: "The Firebird Project is proud to announce the immediate availability of Firebird 1.0 for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. Other directly supported platforms (FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX) should follow shortly."
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