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Author: JT Smith LPH writes "Just thought NewsForge readers would be interested in an email sent out by Michael Robertson. It appears they are about ready for Preview 2 of Lindows and a ruling from the Judge regarding the name." Category: Linux
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Linux group plots business desktop domination

Author: JT Smith Anonymous Reader writes " carries a story that a pressure group called OpenForum Europe has been created to speed the take-up of open source software (OSS) in UK businesses. Comments are invited from registered users" Category: Open Source
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MandrakeSoft, here we go again

Author: JT Smith - By Jack Bryar - I love MandrakeSoft. I love its product. I think its software team is great, but the company's recent "strategy" of begging for money is ridiculous posture for any for-profit company. It may be time for MandrakeSoft to return to its roots. It must be that time...
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Debian developer wins gold in Salt Lake City

Author: JT Smith Debian Planet reports that a Debian developer has won two gold medals at this year's Paralympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City.
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Everything XMMS

Author: JT Smith DocTomoe writes: "While many Linux users wouldn't think a second about playing music on a Linux box, others can't live without it. iMacLinux has a guide that will show you a bit through the possibilities of XMMS and why it has become the "standard" Linux music player. Screenshots...
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'We'll play nicely' says Microsoft

Author: JT Smith " Steve Ballmer was sharing the platform with German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder when he acknowledged his company had a less than perfect track record as far as trustworthiness went."
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Bynari offering free Linux groupware suite

Author: JT Smith LinuxPR: "Bynari's InsightConnector allows Microsoft(R) Outlook users to uncouple their dependence on Microsoft Exchange. To test it, a user needs an IMAP server. So what's the problem? Outlook users need an Open Source advocate to help them through the murky waters of freedom."
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Author: JT Smith njcajun writes: ", a banner-ad free community site devoted to administrators of *nix servers and networks, is looking for any and all writers who can document some of the more advanced uses of Linux. Some ideas are: 'Linux in a Mixed LDAP/NIS environment', '...
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Firebird 1.0 final release

Author: JT Smith Mariuz writes: "The Firebird Project is proud to announce the immediate availability of Firebird 1.0 for Linux, Windows and MacOS X. Other directly supported platforms (FreeBSD, Solaris, HP-UX) should follow shortly."
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Video of Alan Cox giving the BT Public Lecture

Author: JT Smith ITWales is launching its online magazine by featuring, among many other articles, a streaming video of Alan Cox at the University of Wales, giving a lecture entitled "Doing Things Differently - Linux Past, Present and Future."
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