Phat Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Phat Linux is the best Distribution of Linux for new users. It is easily installed on your DOS or Windows partition. It comes with many popular programs, including the popular desktop environment KDE preinstalled.What is PhatLINUX? Phat Linux is a Distribution of...
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Yellow Dog Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Yellow Dog Linux takes advantage of the most current, stable, and secure Linux kernel and libraries, and best of all, some of the fastest hardware on the planet -- Apple G3s, G4s and PowerPC computers (including IBM RS/6000 model B50 ("Pizzazz"), F50, and 43P-150...
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Red Hat Linux

Author: Benjamin D. Thomas Founded in 1994, Red Hat is a leader in the development of Linux-based operating system (OS) software and services. Based in Durham, N.C., Red Hat builds Red Hat Linux which is available for Intel, Compaq Alpha and Sun SPARC platforms.Red Hat Linux Well known as...
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