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Let Windows die

Author: JT Smith

NewsFactor Network writes, “So, what would happen if Microsoft pulled Windows? The server world would continue, and the desktop world could see the return of good old capitalist competition. We could dust off OS/2 and BeOS and get back to competing to create really great operating systems that extend technology. Heck, maybe the network would be the computer again.”

TuxBox game tutorial released

Author: JT Smith

vmlinuz writes, “After counless hours of work, here is the TuxBox Game Tutorial. Very early version of course, but it should teach you how bad of a writer I am if nothing else.

Also, released are new versions of both Smoke and DGI as well. These are both (again) much better. For instance, Smoke now auto-installs. (INSTALL is still required reading.) The changelog is still in the README file.

NOTE: The new version of Smoke is REQUIRED for the tutorial. It uses a new version of the command line argument spec, that only the very newest version of Smoke uses.

Find it all here.”


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Linux-related stocks rally Monday

Author: JT Smith

On news that IBM, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, and Compaq Computer saying they’ll support the Gnome Foundation, several Linux-related stocks rose in trading Monday, reports Bloomberg.

RadioWallStreet.com hosts Linux discussion

Author: JT Smith

From LinuxPR: Linux League Commissioner and weekly RadioWallStreet.com contributor, Francis Gaskins, hosts a panel of guests Monday to review Linux trends, with comment on IBM, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, Microsoft, and Red Hat. Check out the broadcast.

Opinion: What do Linux, classical music have in common?

Author: JT Smith

Linux adminstrator Russell Miller compares Linux zealots to fans of classical music, in OSopinion.com.

Red Herring: ‘Linux stocks land in the poorhouse’

Author: JT Smith

From a RedHerring.com story: “Linux companies are having a hard time figuring out how to make money from something that’s free. Quelle surprise. Last year the entire sector generated a measly $67 million in revenue, which pales in comparison to operating system revenue from Microsoft alone. The Evil Empire, Linux is not.”

AOL’s Linux software published on Web site

Author: JT Smith

A technology site, Techpages.com, made America Online’s Linux software available Sunday, reports CNET’s News.com. AOL’s been working its Linux software, code-named Gamera, since May 1999.

Getloaded.com loads more trucks with Baymountain’s help

Author: JT Smith

The trucking site benefits from Baymountain’s full-service managed hosted
solution, reports Linux PR.

Linux: best kept secret for Virtual Private Networks

Author: JT Smith

OpenReach’s TrueSpan lets companies connect multiple sites to the same LAN, via the Internet , reports Planet IT.

Dot-coms falling from Nasdaq’s grace

Author: JT Smith

The market has begun to boot Internet companies that are falling below its standards, reports The Standard.