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Troubleshoot node connectivity issues in Ansible Automation Platform controller

Check connectivity to hosts you’re managing with your AAP controller and get a spreadsheet-based summary of any exceptions.

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Linux Foundation Newsletter: November 2022

This month, we’ve got great news to share across the Linux Foundation. Here’s a roundup of must-read updates, including the release of Sylva, LF Europe’s first project, a new report from LF Research, community updates, Cyber Monday deals from LF Training & Certification, and so much more. We’ve also got a preview of what’s coming up in December!

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5 ways to harden your Linux server with Ansible

Automation allows you to apply compliance and security policies consistently across your servers, verify compliance, and remediate servers.

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How to make an automatic dog feeder with Arduino and Linux

Try this DIY project to learn (or teach your family) to write code that interfaces with real hardware.

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How to verify Mastodon users with cryptography

Use open source GPG key pairs and Keyoxide to prove your identity on Mastodon.

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Find anything you need with fzf, the Linux fuzzy finder tool

I’m thankful for the Linux fuzzy finder tool because it superpowers the command line by making it fast to find whatever I’m looking for.

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Top 15 articles sysadmins are thankful for in 2022

Enable Sysadmin has published more than 1,200 articles; these are the favorites sysadmins turn to month after month.

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2 practical ways to use the Python subprocess module

Learn how to run Bash commands and scripts within your Python scripts using the subprocess module.

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