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Unpatched Open Source Libraries Leave 71% of Apps Vulnerable

PHP and JavaScript developers need to pay close attention because different languages and frameworks have different rates of vulnerability. The management of open source libraries poses a major challenge for secure development as seven in 10 applications use at least one flawed open source library, according to a new study.

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Linux Foundation Joins Ranks of International Standards Submitters

The Linux Foundation has achieved a major milestone: formal status on the international standards front. Its Joint Development Foundation (JDF) received approval as an ISO/IEC JTC 1 Publicly Available Specification (PAS) Submitter, LF announced last week. This status gives JDF’s standards development projects a path to international standardization.

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5 open source projects that make Kubernetes even better

When it comes to cloud-native open source projects, Kubernetes gets a lot of the press. And why wouldn’t it? You’ll find many open source projects in the Kubernetes ecosystem. These five are widely used and provide capabilities in a number of key areas relevant to developers, operations, or both.

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Kubernetes Training and Certification Leads to a Consulting Career

Leonardo Gonçalves da Silva had worked with Linux and open source for 20 years, including contributing to several projects. He was looking to shift his career towards cloud development based on Linux and the Kubernetes framework. He plans to use the scholarship to take the Kubernetes Fundamentals course to provide better service to his clients. In 2017, Leonardo heard about the Linux Foundation Training (LiFT) Scholarship program and submitted an application.

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Walmart made a $99 tablet with Android 10 and USB-C

Walmart has released new versions of its Onn tablets, starting at $99 and including some uncommon features for Android tablets in that price range, as spotted by 9to5Google. The new Onn Tablet Pro comes in eight-inch and 10.1-inch models. Both variants run Android 10 and use USB-C to charge.

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NVIDIA EGX A100 Is Powered By Ampere Architecture

NVIDIA has added two new products to its EGX Edge AI platform — the EGX A100 for larger commercial off-the-shelf servers and the tiny EGX Jetson Xavier NX for micro-edge servers — delivering secure AI processing at the edge. The EGX A100 is the first edge AI product based on the Ampere architecture.

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Windows 10 moves closer to ‘true’ Linux with graphical support for WSL2

Microsoft is adding GPU and graphical user interface (GUI) support to the Windows Subsystem for Linux, pushing the intriguing Windows feature ever closer to becoming a full-fledged Linux instantiation. The company announced the changes during its digital Microsoft Build 2020 event for developers.

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Microsoft’s Fluid Framework is now open source, comes to Office 365

For the first time, Microsoft is building Fluid Framework into a couple of key productivity apps, starting with Outlook and Office.com. In addition, the software giant is also open-sourcing the Fluid Framework and making the code available on GitHub within the next few weeks.

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Struggling to write good documentation? Two open source developers weigh in

It’s no secret that one of the biggest “bugs” in software engineering, particularly open source software, is documentation. Or, rather, the lack of good documentation. Talking to the founders of the fio and Datasette open source projects, some clues emerge as to how to quash that bug.

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IBM launches Equal Access Toolkit to help developers build accessible websites and applications

IBM has come up with a new open source offering and design toolkit that give designers and developers the tools they need to make their websites and applications accessible. The Equal Access Toolkit and Checker are tools for developers and testers to use to embed accessibility directly into their workflow.

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