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Linux 5.8 Set To Optionally Flush The L1d Cache On Context Switch To Increase Security

The Linux kernel patches that have been spearheaded by Amazon AWS engineers to optionally flush the L1 data cache on each context switch have now been queued in the x86/mm branch ahead of the upcoming Linux 5.8 kernel cycle.

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CrowdStrike Falcon bolsters Linux protection with ML prevention, custom and dynamic IoAs

CrowdStrike Falcon platform is bolstering its Linux protection capabilities with additional features, including machine learning prevention, custom Indicators of Attack (IoAs) and dynamic IoAs. CrowdStrike delivers breach prevention and visibility from its cloud-delivered platform via a single lightweight agent that supports endpoints and cloud workloads on all platforms.

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Keeping open-source groups alive: FOSS Responders

Open source is doing great, but some open-source groups are getting knocked around by the pandemic. That’s where the newly formed FOSS Responders come in. It’s actually a group of open source leaders from companies like Indeed, Facebook, Google, Red Hat, GitHub, GitLab, etc.

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Check Point fixes a 20-year-old Linux security issue

For around two decades now, hackers have exploited the design of the memory management system used by Linux programs in order to take control of a target’s computer. Now researchers at Check Point have introduced a new security mechanism for Linux users called ‘safe-linking’ which means attackers will need more than one vulnerability in order to take over the program.

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Open-source tech helps companies quickly adapt during pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic shakes the world, companies need to change to embrace remote work and increasingly online operations. One way to quickly adapt to these new dynamics is to use open-source tools, available for access from anywhere in the globe, according to SUSE’s Alan Clark.

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How to install Ubuntu Server 20.04 with the new Live Installer

Ubuntu Server 20.04 (Focal Fossa) has been out for a while now. The latest release includes a new Live Installer, which provides the option to automatically update itself every time it boots. Let’s walk you through the installation of Ubuntu 20.04 with this exciting new offering from Canonical.

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A look at how Jitsi became a ‘secure’ open-source alternative to Zoom

Amid the video conferencing boom, Zoom’s security and privacy-related problems made a lot of people skeptical about using its products. Plus, the company wasn’t transparent about communicating its mishaps forcing a lot of people to look for free open source products, and Jitsi emerged as a perfect solution for them.

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Microsoft’s romance with open source software is on display at Build 2020

An absolute ton of new announcements has been coming out of this week’s Microsoft Build 2020 virtual conference for Windows developers. Windows Terminal has just gone 1.0. The terminal itself is open source and is available for perusal and/or hacking at Github under the MIT license.

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SUSE turns open-source innovations into consumable business solutions

While cutting-edge technologies may be the most appropriate for solving increasingly sophisticated business problems, companies need easy-to-use solutions. Simplifying modernization to facilitate its consumption by companies is one of the goals of the open-source software company SUSE.

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Unpatched Open Source Libraries Leave 71% of Apps Vulnerable

PHP and JavaScript developers need to pay close attention because different languages and frameworks have different rates of vulnerability. The management of open source libraries poses a major challenge for secure development as seven in 10 applications use at least one flawed open source library, according to a new study.

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