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How do I save a backup of my current OS before installing Linux?

I need to find out what the file size of the OS is, then how to zip it and store it on a Flash Drive/SD Card for backup in case Linux turns out to be a flop.
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How can i delete 12.4 ver and delete partition?

how can i delete 12.4 LINUX and also delete partion? I have to do this to be able to make seagate backup says it must have more room. My windows ver is xp.thanks
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How do I back up to an external drive?

I realize the importance of backing my stuff up on a regular basis. As a newbie to Linux, I would like to make this a habit rather than a chore. I have a 500GB Seagate Expansion Portable Drive that I would like to use as my backup device. I really am very bewildered about how to do this as Seagate...
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