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What is best Distro for old Dell Latitude laptop?

[i] was running Vista when MS decided to stop supporting my version. I am on a very fixed income and can no longer afford their nonsense. I worked with red hat briefly, years ago and wish to have Linux on my laptop. I've read about several distributions that look good. Which is easiest for a newbie...
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XP replacment for Dimension 8400

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 built in 2004 it has a Pentium 4 3.40 Ghz processor. I have improved the performance by upgrading to a: Corsair 2 115GZ drive, with a 7200 rpm western Dig. 1T slave drive DDR2 1666 4 gigs of ram most of the storage is stored on my network hard drive so my SSD runs a...
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What is the best linux os for Dell latitude d610?

What is the best linux os for Dell latitude d610? and also pls tell about the very latest version of linux that came?
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How to get Ubuntu to communicate wirelessly with a router?

I downloaded Ubuntu onto a USB stick. It runs OK on a Dell pc with a faulty hard drive, except it will not communicate wirelessly with our internet router.
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