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Screen flashing white horizontal lines? Help Me Please!!

I have an hp omni 120 1020t. Running with a g620 sandy bridge pentium. I ran install with no internet connection so the problem was built in. The iso used was downloaded straight from Kali Linux website.
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How can I reconfigure a Linux operating system interface language to display in Northern Sotho

Hello there, I've been given an assignment in school to "Reconfigure the LINUX operating system interface into Northern Sotho. The prompts and all the messages a user gets to see should be in Northern Sotho." I have the linux 3.13.2 version and I've successfully unpacked it but I don't know where...
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Building a Digital Signage (Info Display) System?

We're setting up a simple "digital signage" system at our school. It will consist of one screen or TV and a computer that shows a slideshow and real-time information on the screen. The computer will be connected to network, but will have no input devices, and thus shouldn't have a graphical...
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