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How does the power management for embedded systems work for ARM processors?

Does anybody know? If possible please provide a paper reference or a book chapter.
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What linux based dev board has the best video decoding performance in linux?

I'm looking for a device that can playback video 24/7 for digital arts displays but have been having trouble deciphering the different options. Well most devices claim to have some form of h.264 decoding on chip, I find people say there's no driver support in linux(it's targeted more at android...
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How to begin with embedded linux..?

hi..i am getting familiar with ubuntu. I am intereted in learning embedded linux. So can you guide me how to begin with it..almost from a scratch..
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Can anyone assist me with the procedure to Install custom Linux kernel

Can anyone assist me with the procedure to install custom Linux kernel
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Building a Digital Signage (Info Display) System?

We're setting up a simple "digital signage" system at our school. It will consist of one screen or TV and a computer that shows a slideshow and real-time information on the screen. The computer will be connected to network, but will have no input devices, and thus shouldn't have a graphical...
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