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How does an application decide which of its widgets was clicked?

when the operating system send the signal that mouse button was clicked,how does an application know on which widget the user was pointing? Does it store the coordinates of the widgets and then compare it with the location of mouse pointer at the time of an event? If so then wouldn't it have...
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Linux with taskbar like Windows 95/98

I am a Windows user and I would like to try Linux. I would prefer a distribution whose taskbar is similar to that of Windows 95/98. Let's imagine I have just opened three windows of Firefox, two windows of a word processor and one folder. I want my taskbar to look like this: But definitely not...
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What security settings did I miss on installation for Oracle's Enterprise Manager to not be capable of exporting?

The Enterprise Manager AMS is not 100% functioning. I can use sql to manipulate my db but not the AMS/GUI. Do you know why?
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Is there a well secured Long term supported distribution for inexperienced end-user? Fuduntu is no more here.

I an a non-expert computer user (using GUI) and a Linux admirer but lost a huge personal data (my documents/records) on two different occasions while installing Ubuntu alongside my, expiring shortly, WindowsXP. What happened was I mounted the backed-up partition of my hard disk to see my saved...
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What FTP server with GUI is available for Debian/Ubuntu or any Linux distribution?

I would like to know what FTP server with GUI is available for Debian/Ubuntu or any Linux distribution? Thanks.
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