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Install to a thumb drive?

Hi! A brand newbie here. My son-in-law gave me a Panasonic Cf Y2 Toughbook with a dead HD. I looked online as to how to install a new one and it's waaaaayyyy too much work. I'm not afraid to pull it apart but the HD is buried deep in the computer's guts. So, the next best solution is to add an OS...
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Can I install Linux on a Windows UEFI Bios Mode computer?

I plan to dedicate a Windows computer totally to Linux. The computer has the Bios Mode UEFI. Will this could cause issues installing Linux? I am very new to Linux with much to learn. Appreciate any help thanks.
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Can I have Linux on my ext. HDD while work n windows 8.1 on my tablet PC?

Hi im new at this and i want to install ubuntu desktop on my external hard drive becouse my laptop doesn't have enough memory on it's hard drive the SO that it uses is winows 8.1 and i wonder if i can have linux on my external HDD and if its possible How do i do it? by the way my computer is the...
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How to install windows 8.1 on a Linux system with a partition?

I just bought a laptop with Linux based OS. I want windows alongside it so that I can have a familiar option before I get comfortable with linux. P.S- What is the utility of Linux and how much space accordingly should I allot to it in the partition?
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If a live distribution works will it install ok?

If a live dist of linux mint, linuxmint-17-xfce-d, works fine on my gateway netbook, will it install and work ok on the hard drive?
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How do I install anything?

how do I install adobe flash player, and avast? neither will install after downloading...
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