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help... unknown partition hogging almost all space

i have a retired school computer and am using unetbootin to install zorin OS 12. when installing, there is a partition that is more than 25x the other twoo partitions, and it is unknown how much space hhas been spent, and what it is. it is a laatitude e5440, shipped with windows 8 pro
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How can I get Linux kernel 4.4 onto a Live USB ?

I want to install Linux on an ealry 2015 Macbook Air, but the SSD is not recognized by installers. Kernel 4.4 is supposed to fix this. How can I get the new kernel onto a Live USB drive to install Ubuntu, Mint, or Arch? Thanks in advance.
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I have Mint on a USB stick and want to put it on HD?

Mint installation I have a copy of Mint on a USB stick, and wantto put it on HD,can't make a copy on DVD,any thoughts to way forward?
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Installing Linux Mint on a new laptop, advice please?

I recently bought a new HP Pavilion laptop running Windows 10. I want to install Linux Mint on a separate partition so I am able to jump back and use windows for small OS exclusive things such as games. The first problem I encountered is that the only usb drive I have on hand is one GB while the...
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Need help installing Ubuntu 14.04.3 on HP Probook.

I download ubuntu 14.04.3 from but it's not instaling on my pc.My pc is 64-bit hp probook notebook laptop and I downloded 64-bit ubuntu. Then why it's not instaling in my pc?
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How can I install linux on a USB stick?

I'd like the entire system to be installed onto and running from the stick, with no tracks on the host hardware. Is this possible?
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Whenever I try to boot a Linux Distro from a USB it goes to an eternal black screen

I've tried countless of USB booters, such as Universal Usb, Rufus, Unetbootin. They seem to work fine as I can boot to the point to where boots to the options menu, where it says you want to install or try before you install or what have you. However whenever I try to install or test out the OS...
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Boot gave up waiting for root device

Have just tried to load Linux Ubuntu from USB stick using Unetbootin. Window was already loaded on 1st disk I tried(2tb) All seemed to go with the load until the reboot. Grub screen was displayed and the default ubuntu selected. Then message gave up waiting for root device. Am trying using a...
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What do you want to ask?

How can I reinstall mint16?
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