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How can I get Linux kernel 4.4 onto a Live USB ?

I want to install Linux on an ealry 2015 Macbook Air, but the SSD is not recognized by installers. Kernel 4.4 is supposed to fix this. How can I get the new kernel onto a Live USB drive to install Ubuntu, Mint, or Arch? Thanks in advance.
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If a live distribution works will it install ok?

If a live dist of linux mint, linuxmint-17-xfce-d, works fine on my gateway netbook, will it install and work ok on the hard drive?
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How do I make an Ubuntu boot?

How do I put a bootable copy of Ubuntu on a CD or flash drive?
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Problems with UNetBootN

I'm trying to update my linux, but the UNetBootIN program keeps screwing up when I have it install a live linux to my flashdrive.  Any suggestions? I think it's just not completing the extraction of syslinux.cfg.
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