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Trying to login to the physical server SCO Open server 5.0

I don't have the credentials for root in SCO Open server 5.0 Is there any way to break the login ? as I am trying to virtualise this server in vm. or is there any way to take the harddisk out of the physical machine and back itup or make it virtualise from there ? Could anyone please help with...
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How to bypass passwords?

The login password when typed correctly wont let me login. How do i bypass that to login?
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How to create 3D login?

Hi. I'm a computer Science student. I'd like to know if it is possible to create a 3 dimensional login system for linux. I prefer to use OpenGL in order to create the virtual environment. If it is possible, how do i go about it?
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Desktop doesnt load after update from Mint 13 to 15

I wrote in the sources.list accidently Olivia instead of Nadia, updated and rebooted. Then a message popped up which says: "Configuration is not correct The configuration file contains an invalid command line for the login dialog, so running the default command. Please fix your configuration."...
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